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Information about the one-day Chakra Wisdom workshop that has been called "absolutely the best presentation on the chakra system".  Discover the full hierarchy of the chakra system including the major, mid-range, and minor chakras, the three centers of consciousness, and more.  Chakra Wisdom fills in the empty holes left by most educators on the chakras with the most comprehensive exploration of the chakras available.  It also provides jaw-dropping new insights and dispels the many myths and misunderstandings.  This program is critical for new comers and advanced chakra experts alike!

A Center for Holistic Healing and Education in Glen Ellyn, Illinois dedicated to preserving and advancing the cultural, spiritual, and healing wisdom of ancient Hawaii.

Aloha is a Hawaiian word that means, "hello".  It means, "goodbye".  It means, "love".  But it also means so much more.  To live in Aloha is to live a Heart-Centered Life, but that concept is often misunderstood.  Discover the mystical and spiritual aspects of Aloha and its ability to help you master emotions, find real forgiveness, and discover your true personal power.  These five simple spiritual principles are the heart and soul of Hawaiian spirituality and healing.


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